Chrome Dragon Tattoo is an Oklahoma-based tattoo shop with some of the finest and most dedicated artists around. We are grateful for every client and new connection and collectively do our best not to turn anyone away. Your ideas are welcome here.
Each tattooer offers a unique style with an extensive body of work that proves devotion, professional integrity, and a love for what they do. Owner Joshua Ross, aka ”Horiokie,” works exclusively in large-scale Traditional Japanese style with an impressive, ever-growing living catalog of bodysuits, back pieces, arm sleeves, and leg sleeves.
Other specialized styles our artists represent include incredible black and gray work and stunning realism. But all of our tattoos aim, first and foremost, to do one thing: honor the client’s wishes. We’re here to listen and work with the needs and expectations of our clients to create something meaningful while never compromising on a safe, healthy, and professional atmosphere, all the details that support our legacy of timeless quality.
Stop by sometime. We’re ready to meet you.